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We bring you a complete automatic box weigh labeling system that requires minimal oversight. We can label boxes on the front, side, back, top, bottom or even apply a corner-wrap.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce hand-labeling to save money, time and labor
  • Label is applied evenly which improves product appearance
  • Consistently applied labels reduce barcode reading errors
  • Label editing software allows you to have control over the look of your label
  • Simplifies your compliance labeling requirements

Automatic Box Labeling Features

Primary Components for Automatic Box Weigh Labeling Machine

  • Optional Conveyor with angled roller belting to index boxes to one side
  • Indexer to properly space boxes
  • Optional Preidentification Scanner to automatically identify product entering the system
  • In-motion conveyor scale to determine box weight
  • Conveyor to transport boxes past printer applicator
  • Printer applicator to print barcode and weight and apply onto box
  • Barcode Verification Scanner to ensure barcode is readable
  • Divert Mechanism to reject boxes that do not meet customer criteria

How It Works:

Chaotically spaced product is automatically spaced to the appropriate start-of-product to start-of-product parameters for the weighing system by the indexing conveyor.  The indexing conveyor accomplishes this task by accumulating product and releasing an individual product one at a time. If product flow to the labeling system is chaotic by product, a preidentification scanner is used to read a product identification barcode that has been previously attached to the product.

Once the product is identified it moves across the conveyor scale, the weight is recognized by the controller. The system automatically determines the tare weight for the product as well as the acceptable weight parameters.

The system/machine automatically prints and applies the label to the product with the net weight information. At this stage an automatic barcode reader will verify the printed information is both readable and correct.  If any anomalies exist, the product is diverted from the line for rework.  The system accumulates the daily production totals, and adds the information to the appropriate product manifest.

Top View of Automatic Box Weigh Labeler with Several Options

Automatic box labeling system with indexer, conveyor scale, high box flap detector, printer, applicator and reject.

Automatic box weigh labeling system with indexer, conveyor scale, high box flap detector, printer, applicator barcode scanner and divert/reject.

4 ways you can use Automatic Box Labeling Machines

  1. Apply labels on front, side, back, top, bottom or corner-wrap
  2. Apply preprinted labels
  3. Gather weight information to be printed on labels
  4. Take your information, combine it with ours (i.e. weight) and print it on one label

We can label the following:

  • Boxes of virtually any size
  • Cases
  • Totes
  • Cartons
  • Jugs
  • Round Containers
  • Pallets
  • Trays

Washdown-Rated Automatic Box Labeling System

Automatic washdown-rated box labeling system which includes, aligning, label application, database generation and barcode verification.

Automatic Box Labeling System with Verification Scanners

Automatic Box Labeling System Color

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Automatic Labeling Systems Brochure

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