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Weigh Price Labeler

Washdown & Heavy Gauge – An industry first

Additional Features & Benefits

WPL Equipment Specifications

Introducing the industry’s first washdown automatic weigh price labeler!  The result is less expensive component replacement from a washdown crew’s carelessness. Unit is made of 3/16″ SS plate, which is unrivaled in the WPL industry.

Features & Benefits:

Weigh Price Labeler Features:


Yes – We can customize the weigh price labeler equipment to your exact specifications. This results in optimized speed and accuracy for maximum throughput. We can also add preident scanning, scanning verification or a divert if needed.

VBS integrates an impressive standard 17″ Human Machine Interface display for almost unlimited reporting and display options. You want larger? We can do it!
Absolutely not – VBS uses standard, industry-available components that are easily attainable from multiple vendors in the design and construction of our equipment assuring our customer economical, simplified, fast and efficient maintainability.
Yes.  We stock most of the critical parts in our inventory for quick shipment.  If we do run out, we are not shy about permitting you to order it directly from the manufacturer.

Yes.  The system is designed to be stand-alone.  If we are connected to your network, we recommend the label contents be stored on our system (SDS Controller).  Even if the plant network goes down our system will continue to weigh boxes and print a label.  When the network is back up, personnel can access our on-board SQL database to pull the weight information for each package.

Advantages of Automatic Weigh Price Labeling

2-top 2-bottom Weigh Price Labeler with Pacing Conveyor

Label Designer Software (Included)

Supports most industry standard barcodes such as:

How do I create a label & print it?

Simply create the label with our Label Designer software on any Windows® desktop computer, transfer to a USB storage device and then upload to our Scale Data System (SDS). The SDS Controller can simultaneously store several labels for quick selection based on product. You can also test print a label on any compatible label printer to preview before transferring to the SDS.

Features & Benefits:

SDS HMI washdown computer

SDS Controller which accepts the label format for eventual label printing on a box or package. Learn more about the SDS Controller.

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Want to generate reports and push product info to the floor?

Data Management Software

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