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Barcode Scanning

Accurate information with real-time visibility

Barcode scanning systems can help you track products and materials from receiving, processing, inventory, and all the way to shipping. Reduce clerking errors by automating your information gathering.

Features & Benefits:

Barcode Scanning Equipment Features:

Benefits of Implementing Barcodes (according to

  • Research found that companies who support their enterprise resource planning with real-time automated data collection achieve a 50% higher return on their ERP investment than those who do not.
  • Warehouse operations supported with wireless barcode input commonly achieve 99.x% inventory accuracy.
  • Experienced typists make one error approximately every 300 keystrokes. Entering data by barcode scanning keeps errors – and the time and labor needed to resolve them – out of operations.
  • Almost any business can take advantage of barcoding to free up workers and reduce the paperwork needed to manage assets, supplies and shipments

Additional Scanning Videos

Weigh Price Labeling, Scanning Verification with Divert

Labeling, Scanning Verification with Divert (narrow footprint)

Indexing, Preident, Box Labeling with Verification & Divert

Washdown-Rated Automatic Box Labeling & Scanning System

Automatic Box Labeling System w/ Barcode Scanning Verification (non-washdown)

Downloadable PDF Resources

Automatic Box Weigh Labeling with Barcode Scanning

Automatic Box Labeling with Scanner Verification

Automatic Case Weighing and Labeling System

Dual Lane Case Indexer with Conveyor Scale & Labeling

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