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What area do you cover?

We cover the 4 state region of Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota.

Truck-Scale-4 state region

We offer in-ground or above ground NTEP approved truck scales with either steel top or cement top options. Our truck scales are considered the benchmark for ruggedness and performance in heavy use applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Long-life steel or concrete construction will last for decades
  • We put tremendous focus on the foundation construction
  • Rigid design prevents excessive movement, which increases useful life
  • Our experience keeps your weighing nightmares at bay
  • Decades of life are possible with proper maintenance

Truck Scale Features:


Are you buying a scale or a foundation for your future?

This is really the question you should be asking.  The core issue is our experience history, our experience in how to locate a scale, our experience in making it convenient for you, our experience with the materials used in our foundation, our experience with the type of foundation for the environment, and lastly, our experience with a quality weighing device. Cheapest is NOT the best value in the long run.

Why buy a VBS Truck Scale?

We have been servicing and selling truck scales for over 40 years. We have seen it all. We know the qualities that allow a truck scale to last for decades. We DO NOT sacrifice quality.  We WILL NOT cut corners when it comes to building and installing a truck scale. See our list below of truck scale differentiators.

  • We install higher than recommended concrete rating (i.e. 4,000 PSI vs. 3,500 PSI)
  • We install additional re-bar resulting in less foundation cracking for longer life
  • Construct 12-in, or thicker, sidewalls vs. 8-in as is often found in other lower cost scales – you get a longer life
  • Install 6-in of clean granular back-fill (pea-rock is our preference) for better drainage, which results in less moisture under the foundation and therefore fewer settling issues
  • Incorporates a low failure rate load cell (see image directly below)
  • 10 year BridgeMount heavy duty weighbridge structure warranty
  • 5 year load cell warranty

You can be certain that our truck scales will offer you the best value money can buy.


What about after the sale?

We offer custom-tailored service agreements that keep your scale in working order and have 24-hour 7-days a week service teams.

Truck Scales Brochure

Download our PDF Brochure

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