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In-Motion Checkweigher

Reduce Your Product Give-Away

Need Customization?

We can customize a checkweigher to your exact specifications. This results in optimized speed and accuracy for maximum throughput.

Tired of Small Displays?

VBS integrates an impressive standard 17″ Human Machine Interface display for almost unlimited reporting and display options. Large displays also reduce deep system settings that are hard to find.

No parts pricing sucker punches!

VBS uses standard, industry-available components that are easily attainable from multiple vendors, in the design and construction of our equipment assuring our customer economical, simplified, fast and efficient maintainability.

Our Automatic In-Motion (Dynamic) Checkweighers employ state-of-the-art features which make them the best value in the industry. Our units give you an accurately weighed product that you and your customers can trust.

Features & Benefits:

Checkweigher Design Features:

Capacity x Resolution (Standard)

200 lb  x   0.1     lb
100 lb  x   0.05   lb
  40 lb  x   0.02   lb
  20 lb  x   0.01   lb
  10 lb  x   0.005 lb

Capacity x Resolution (Metric)

100 kg  x   0.05   kg
  40 kg  x   0.02   kg
  20 kg  x   0.01   kg
  10 kg  x   0.005 kg
    4 kg  x   0.002 kg

Additional Features


A conveyor scale simply acquires the weight and send it out.

An automatic checkweigher will acquire the weight, compare the weight against an upper and lower limit, and then take an action.  Just a few examples of actions are illuminate a light, stop a conveyor or divert the product off the line for rework (most popular). Our checkweigher will also store the weight for later analysis.

No.  Stopping the conveyor for each product would significantly increase component wear & tear, and reduce the throughput.

Even while in motion our NTEP certified scale and algorithm will accurately determine the weight of the weight of the product.

Most of the time, No.  A checkweigher is primarily used to validate how well a package, or container, was filled upstream.  The upstream scale, or filling machine, needs to be NTEP.  However, VBS is one of the few companies that offer an NTEP certified checkweigher.

Yes to both.  We offer RS-232 (serial) and Ethernet communication as standard.  You can see the database being populated or export the data after a finished run. (Ethernet IP option is also available.)

An inline checkweigher can weigh product in the conveyor line without having to pull the product off of the line and place it on a scale.  This allows 100% product weight sampling.

Innovative In-line Checkweigher Design Elements

Our Experience

Additional In-Line Checkweigher Videos

Incline Checkweigher with Quick-Acting Inline Divert

Cheese In-line Checkweigher with Dual Diverts and Machine Feedback

Dual-Lane Raw Chicken Checkweigher

Checkweigher Construction Styles

(adder for NTEP Certification)

Style 1


[Light-duty applications bolted; heavy-duty applications welded​]

Style 2

Stainless Steel

[non-washdown; non-food grade]

Style 3

Stainless Steel

[washdown rated; non-food grade]

Style 4

Stainless Steel

[washdown rated; non-food grade]

Style 5

Stainless Steel

[washdown rated; direct food contact]

Want to generate reports and push product info to the floor?

Data Management Software

Downloadable PDF Resources

Importance of an Infeed Conveyor

Checkweigher Application Software

Checkweigher Case Study - Huge Savings!

In-Line Checkweigher with Side Labeling & Scanning

Checkweigher with 90-deg Box Transfer

Checkweigher with Label Printing and Scanning

Sources of Checkweigher Scale Weighing Errors

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