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Conveyor Scales

Accuracy + Repeatability = Piece of Mind


No parts pricing sucker punches – VBS uses standard, industry-available components that are easily attainable from multiple vendors, in the design and construction of our equipment assuring our customer economical, simplified, fast and efficient maintainability.

Our NTEP Certified Inline Conveyor Scales offer incredible in-motion weighing accuracy with high speed capabilities. We offer complete customization to ensure the scale fits within your existing processes and meets your exact needs.

Features & Benefits:

Conveyor Scale Features:

NTEP Capacity x Resolution (Standard)

200 lb  x   0.1     lb
100 lb  x   0.05   lb
  40 lb  x   0.02   lb
  20 lb  x   0.01   lb
  10 lb  x   0.005 lb

NTEP Capacity x Resolution (Metric)

100 kg  x   0.05   kg
  40 kg  x   0.02   kg
  20 kg  x   0.01   kg
  10 kg  x   0.005 kg
    4 kg  x   0.002 kg

Optional Features


A conveyor scale simply acquires the weight and sends it out.

A checkweigher will acquire the weight, compare the weight against an upper and lower limit, and then take an action. Just a few examples of actions are illuminate a light, stop a conveyor or divert the product off the line for rework (most popular).

No.  Stopping the conveyor for each product would significantly increase component wear & tear, and reduce the throughput.

Even while the belts is moving our NTEP certified scale and algorithm will accurately determine the weight of the product.

NTEP is required when you are selling your product based on its weight.  Therefore all food processing facilities require an NTEP inline conveyor scale in their facility when capturing product weight (which will be sold).  NTEP is also required when transmitting a weight for creating a shipping label.

Yes. We offer RS-232 (serial) and Ethernet TCP/IP communication as standard. (Ethernet IP option is also available if you prefer the Allen Bradley communication protocol.)

Innovative Scale Design Elements

Conveyor Scale Construction Styles

(adder for NTEP Certification)

Style 1


[Light-duty applications bolted; heavy-duty applications welded​]

Style 2

Stainless Steel

[non-washdown; non-food grade]

Style 3

Stainless Steel

[washdown rated; non-food grade]

Style 4

Stainless Steel

[washdown rated; non-food grade]

Style 5

Stainless Steel

[washdown rated; direct food contact]

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