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Compact Manual Weigh Price Labeler

Lower cost in a smaller footprint

Additional Features & Benefits

No parts pricing sucker punches – VBS uses standard, industry-available components that are easily attainable from multiple vendors, in the design and construction of our equipment assuring our customer economical, simplified, fast and efficient maintainability.

Vande Berg Scales’ Compact Manual Weigh Price Labeler combines several elements (controller, printer and HMI interface) into a small enclosure. An easy-to-use interface makes weigh labeling a snap!

Features & Benefits:

Manual Weigh Price Labeler Features:

Need a less expensive non-washdown version?

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Yes – It has all the components needed to start making labels and applying them immediately.  It is a completely system.  Just plug it in!

Yes.  We can fabricate the components in any arrangement you need. We will ensure it maximizes your product throughput for your line.

This system is designed to operate independently of a network, but you can connect to the system to see the MS SQL database being populated in real time.

Yes.  We do have an option allowing you to print a pallet manifest.  See Pallet Manifest Example

Primary Components in a Compact Manual Weigh Price Labeler

Short 50 second video on opening and closing the unit

Weigh Price Labeling Program & Features

[software is the same for all labeling systems]

How it works!

Thoughtful Programming Features

Label Designer Software (Included)

Supports most industry standard barcodes such as:

How do I create a label & print it?

Simply create the label on a Windows® desktop computer, transfer to a USB storage device and upload to our Scale Data System (SDS). The SDS Controller can simultaneously store several labels for quick selection based on product. You can also test print a label on any compatible label printer to preview before transferring to the SDS.

Features & Benefits:

SDS Controller which accepts the label format for eventual label printing on a package (or box). Learn more about the SDS Controller.

Want to generate reports and push product info to the floor?

Data Management Software

Downloadable PDF Resources

VBS Recommended Orientation for Printing Barcode Labels

Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer Label Printing

Dual Lane Manual Box/Case Labeling with Pallet Label System

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