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Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Software permits virtually unlimited number of definable products
  • Automatic or manual weigh print functions
  • Interfaceable to network servers for supervisor oversight
  • Can be password protected
  • On-screen reprint capabilities
  • Mistake Box button easily removes duplicate labels from the current batch
Vande Berg Scales Manual Box Weigh Labeler combines several elements (scale, controller, printer and HMI interface) onto an optional frame that enables either mobile or stationary use. Easy to use interface makes weigh labeling a breeze!
Features and Benefits:
  • Allows you to accurately and efficiently identify, weigh and label your product
  • Includes Scale, HMI Touchscreen, Embedded Controller, Software and Printer for all-in-one operation
  • Complies with NTEP and Legal-for-Trade use
  • Easy to use touchscreen interface minimizes training time and clutter
  • On-screen hot-keys permit quick product selection for faster label printing
  • NEMA-4X units can withstand tough washdown environments

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“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated working with you and the Vande Berg Scale Company.  Your final custom design of the manual box scaling and labeling system for us has enhanced our packaging quality and efficiency quite a bit.  We were able, within a small foot print, go from box erector and filling station, to scaling and labeling, and on to automatic box taping making a smooth system.  Thank you again.”

Tom Wigley – President

Wigley’s Corned Beef   

We Make Your Life Easier

The operator identifies the product to the system. Then they place the box onto the scale platform. Once a steady weight is obtained, the system automatically generates a box label that the operator then manually applies to the box. Information such as lot numbers, product ID, customer ID, date codes, product descriptions, ingredient lists, and graphics such as logos and bugs are stored by product and available for printing on the specific label. Information such as printer settings, production totals by product, operation data, system messages, etc. can also be displayed at this station.

Primary Components in Manual Box Labeling

  • Static Scale to weigh boxes
  • System Controller to calculate net weight, format label, and send information to printer
  • Touchscreen HMI to permit user to easily interface with the system
  • Printer to print labels efficiently and quickly

How It Works!

  1. User identifies a product to be weighed by selecting it from a hot-key list, product list, or scanning a pre-applied label to get the product ID
  2. The box is placed on a static scale
  3. If the net weight for the box is within the bounds of the minimum and maximum for the product, the process continues
  4. The embedded controller will accept the net weight, retrieve additional product data, format and send the label to the printer for label generation

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