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washdown rated icon Our checkeweigher is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA

Why use a powered curved conveyor?

Often times a 90-deg product transfer causes chaos in product orientation and product spacing. Using a powered curved conveyor, the product gently transfers around the corner while maintaining a high degree of product orientation accuracy and product spacing. Often products can be damaged by bruising, package abrasion, tipping over, etc. Using a powered curved conveyor benefits you by gently changing direction of product.

Move products around obstacles with ease with our curved conveyors. Specifically made for your application. Washdown options available.

Features and Benefits:

  • Change of direction in a gentle manner
  • Washdown compatible option
  • Change direction of product in 90-deg, 180-deg, whatever
  • Can be used to maintain a degree of spacing
  • Long life with minimal maintenance

Curved Conveyor Features:


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