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Reduce manual box/case handling thereby saving labor while improving throughput to greatly enhancing your processing efficiency.

Features and Benefits:

  • Save significant labor in handling boxes
  • Mechanical design allows easy lengthening to allow expandability
  • Aluminum construction available to save cost
  • Sturdy design ensures long life
  • Modular plastic belt assures conveyors are easy to align and maintain
  • Motors and gearboxes are industry standard types allowing multiple vendor utilization for maintenance
  • Innovative belt designs can automatically reposition product optimizing automation

5 Areas that Steal Productivity

  1. “Log” jams where products run into each other requiring a person to manual separate the boxes
  2. Positioning that require manual turning so a common side presents for labeling or scanning
  3. Improperly spaced boxes resulting in a label not applied correctly or two boxes present on a scale simultaneously
  4. Boxes not aligned properly resulting in poor label application or misread barcodes
  5. Out-of-tolerance boxes/cases that stay in the production line resulting in frustrated customers

Automatic Box Labeling System Color

Box Conveyor with conveyor scale, printers and scanner.


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