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Our checkeweigher is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA Configurable-Design-Icon

Box/Case Indexers are designed to save you money by eliminating the need to manually space boxes entering:

  • In-motion weighing scales
  • Automatic labeling stations
  • Scanning stations
  • Palletizing stations
  • Sorting systems

Indexing conveyors (Indexers) create consistent spacing of boxes/cases thereby virtually eliminating traffic jams. Indexers also permit product to be properly presented so labeling and in-motion weighing can occur without hassle.

Features and Benefits:

  • Creates a consistent start-of-box to start-of box spacing
  • Compliments existing equipment with standalone control capability
  • Enables down-line printers, checkweighers, conveyor scales and scanners to function within specification
  • Easy adjustment of spacing between products
  • Roller belting permits product to roll on belt while waiting for advancement, which reduces friction wear of product

Box Indexing Conveyor Features:

How a Box Indexing Conveyor Works:

An indexing conveyor will automatically release each box one at a time at a settable rate by dropping down the tail of the entry conveyor so that a box to be held back will come to a stop against a conveyor bulkhead until the entry conveyor is lifted via automatic control. A speed up roller with then rapidly propel the box away from the following box allowing a gap to be sensed by a photo eye.  The photo eye coupled with the conveyor speed change is employed to ensure that every trailing box will be delayed to the proper box leading-edge to leading-edge frequency. The end result will be even start to start spaced boxes exiting the system.

Our Box Indexer is a perfect fit before a checkweigher. It ensures only one package is on the scale at a time.

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Our Indexer easily fits within your existing processing line

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