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washdown rated icon Our checkeweigher is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Ethernet TCP/IP Communication
  • CAN Open Controller
  • Fool-proof hand crank for adjusting the height
  • Sealed motors and bearings
  • Fully backup all setting/info on a USB stick

Introducing a washdown compatible Printer/Applicator. Simply close the doors to keep all components dry before washdown. Printers are bolted to the conveyor thereby virtually eliminating realignment hassles during startup.

Features and Benefits:

  • NEMA-4X enclosure keeps printer components
    dry during washdown
  • Simplified engineering improves reliability
  • Operator friendly Windows®-based controller
  • Inexpensive parts replacement
  • Printer is secured to the conveyor so no setup
    time is needed after washdown

Uses an A-Class Mark II Datamax Print Engine

  • Choose either direct-thermal or thermal-transfer
  • 4.16-in maximum print width
  • 10-inch/sec print speed (application dependent)
  • 203 dpi (8 dots/mm) resolution (ask for higher resolutions)
  • Serial RS-232, Parallel Bi-Directional, Ethernet Wired LAN Communication

Washdown automatic tote-box-case printer-applicator-labeler

Automatic tote/case labeling system with 2 printer applicators.  All components are washdown-rated.


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