Diverging Conveyor – Take 1 lane to 2, 3 or 4 lanes

Lane Diverger

Transform 1 lane into 2, 3 or 4

Diverging conveyors are designed to save you money by eliminating the need to manually spread product across multiple lanes.


As many as you need.  However most product lines need an array of product that is either 2, 3, or 4 lanes wide.

Yes.  We solve that issue by running our diverter conveyor belt at a faster speed than your belt.  This creates a gap between each of the products so they can be counted by the photoeye.

Divergers take 1 lane of product and spread it across multiple lanes. You can select anywhere from 2-10 products to be sequenced before the product gate switches lanes.

Features & Benefits:

Diverger Features:

Water Bottle Diverger (1 lane to 2 lanes)

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3-Lane Package Diverger

Water Bottle Dual-Lane Diverger

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