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Our Food-Grade Conveyors are built to handle tough washdown environments. Stainless steel (SS) and Ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) plastic construction materials are USDA approved.

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed to minimize standing water on stainless steel parts
  • Reduce cleaning times with our open frame design and easy access to direct contact surfaces
  • Solid construction ensures decades of use
  • Sanitary design reduces pathogen and bacteria build-up
  • Modular 10-ft sections permit 40-ft or longer of continuous conveyor (dependent on conveyor width)
  • Can be cleaned while in-motion with optional features

Food Grade Conveyor Design Features:

Innovative Design Elements:

  • Side rails are channeled in shape and under-bent to slightly less than 90-degrees so flat surfaces are kept to a minimum so water does not accumulate
  • Angle construction minimizes bacteria growth vs. tubular design which can have microscopic holes which can create bacteria caves
  • Industry standardized direct food-contact belting is used throughout the design
  • Large openings in the channels and UHMW crank-type belt-lifters appropriately spaced makes Clean-in-Place (CIP) applications easy
  • Continuous welds minimize bacteria growth
  • Leveling feet are designed with exposed threads and the back corner crevice is open to allow for easy cleaning in and around the feet

Impressive Food Grade Conveyor Video – a must watch!

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