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This hide sortation and tracking system allows processors to sort hides based on the weight, type, and branding marks. It gives plants the ability to sort green or cured hides to maximize efficiency.

Benefits and Features:

  • Sort hides based on weight, branding marks, green or cured to maximize efficiency
  • Overhead transport conveyor reduces injuries related to manually sorting each hide
  • Sorting parameters and sorting performance can be sent to a computer network permitting upper management to view reports in real time
  • Reportable information can include, but is not limited to, grand totals, tannery totals, raceway totals, weight range, and grade
  • Significantly reduce sorting labor costs associated with grading, weighing, handling, tracking and dropping hides

Primary Components of a Hide Sortation and Tracking System

  • Hanging station
  • Grading station input panel
  • In-motion scale to weigh each hide on the fly
  • SDS Controller to track chain movement and individual weighment data
  • Chain movement distance encoding sensor
  • Multiple drop station actuators
  • Office production reporting permits real-time decisions

How our Hide Sorting and Tracking System works:

The Vande Berg Scales hide sortation and tracking system typically controls the grading, weighing, and automatic sorting of the hides based on brand, weight, damage, drum accumulated weight, raceway accumulated weight, total count and total weight sort parameters. The chain transports the hide to the grader personnel, who inspect the hide for brands and damage. The grader keys the hide grade into a customizable designed grading panel. From this point, the hide movement is tracked by use of the distance encoding equipment.

The hide is then passed over an in-motion scale for weight determination. The hide is then transported further and automatically kicked off the conveyor system at the appropriate location.

Weight accumulations at each drop location are calculated to a specific target weight for effective tanning or inventory needs. Once drops reach their target weight, a beacon light can alert a forklift operator to replace the tub. Hides that don’t meet parameters continue on the conveyor to a catch-all location.

Hide Sortation Monorail Scale Brochure

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