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Our checkeweigher is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA washdown rated iconCheap Ambien Online

The numbers help tell the story:

Our 750-lb scale is the heaviest capacity in the industry while still equaling the 0.2-lb division size which is the smallest in the industry. Approved for chain speeds ranging from 45 drafts/hr (lowest in the industry) up to 2,150 drafts/hr (highest in the industry).


  • Pork Carcasses
  • Beef Sides
  • Veal Carcasses
  • Kosher plants
  • Lamb Carcasses
  • Hot, cold, hot box, grading hall, hot fat trim, sales cooler and transfer scale weighing
  • Yield control tracking advantages

Our High-Accuracy In-Motion (Dynamic) Monorail Scale is the most cost-effective system available when comparing the reduced costs of installation and then the resulting accuracy in operation of the monorail.

Features and Benefits:

  • Exceptionally high accuracy ensuring you don’t give away product
  • Unique transition rail gradually loads weight onto live scale thereby reducing weight oscillations
  • Unique chain conveyor mechanism cancels out trolley rolling and push-dog problems
  • Easy installation compared to other units
  • Manufactured from stainless steel for harsh environments resulting in incredible reliability
  • Long-life, heavy duty push-finger dog chain powers the trolley away from the plant push dog without carrying the load of the trolley as compared against competitors high wear chain designs

In-Motion Monorail Features:

Competitors Monorail Scale vs. VBS Dynamic Monorail Scale

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Typical Monorail Scale Weighing Cycle – The sudden jolt of the trolley wheel moving onto a typical live rail creates load cell oscillations which results in inaccurate carcass weights.

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VBS In-Motion Monorail Scale Weighing Cycle – the transition rail reduces load cell oscillations as the trolley moves onto the live rail. Simultaneously the powered scale chain moves the trolley away from the plant push-dog often before the trolley arrives onto the live rail. This allows a longer weighing cycle resulting in more accurate carcass weights.

Additional features of the VBS Dynamic Monorails confirming the best of the industry:

  • NTEP approved Scale (COC# 97-005) ensuring compliance with best practices
  • Dual load cell design allows smallest possible scale divisions based on NTEP approved load cells
  • Load cells are enclosed in a stainless steel tube and sealed to repel moisture
  • Weight indication system included for system accuracy
  • Minimal filtering necessary

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