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We offer 500-lb (0.1-lb resolution) and 1,000-lb (0.2-lb resolution) capacities, which are both NTEP approved.

How does the Static Monorail Scale work?

An operator manually pushes the carcass down the rail to the scale location. The trolley rolls onto the live rail, then settles in its’ “dipped center.” This slight indentation in the rail settles the trolley into position allowing the operator to be assured of proper positioning. The operator will then reference the digital weight indicator that is interfaced to the monorail scale, entering the appropriate tare to determine the net carcass, or primal, weight ensuring a highly accurate single trolley weighment.

Is a multi-load cell single trolley scale better?

No. Multi-load cell monorails are designed with rail lengths that are longer that what you need, and use more load cell components that what you need to maintain. If your operation has the niche need to weigh easily and accurately, but only a single trolley at a time, this is the scale for you.

Our static single trolley monorail scales are NTEP certified and considered the best in the industry. We have over 30 years experience with designing rugged and reliable monorails for carcass plant environments.

Features and Benefits:

  • Legal-for-trade NTEP-certified (COC #97-004) that is ideal for highly accurate static weighing
  • Easy installation and simple maintenance
  • Stainless washdown design optional for harsh operating environments
  • Unique design allows the trolley to settle and assure an accurate weighment
  • Easily interfaces with a variety of NTEP certified weight indicators; capable of 5,000 divisions
  • single load cell design keeps longevity, simplicity, and ease of use paramount

Static Monorail Features:


  • Static weighing of individual carcasses for locker plants and butcher shops
  • Static Legal for Trade scale
  • Quality control testing aid
  • Check scale for in-motion monorail applications installed in a rail-around.

Static Monorail Installation:

Technicians simply need to cut 18” from the existing rail system and bolt, or weld, the scale to the rail using rail hangers. The Vande Berg Scales Static Monorail Scale is sealed and designed for high accuracy in harsh operating environments.

Will this monorail work with my existing weight indicator?

Yes. The monorail is compatible will all indicators.

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Static Monorail Scale Brochure

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