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Static Monorail Scale

Industry Leading Reliability & Accuracy

We offer 500-lb (0.1-lb resolution) and 1,000-lb (0.2-lb resolution) capacities, which are both NTEP approved.


Our static single trolley monorail scales are NTEP certified and considered the best in the industry. We have over 30 years experience with designing rugged and reliable meat rails for carcass plant environments.

Features & Benefits:

Static Monorail Features:


An operator manually pushes the carcass down the rail to the scale location. The trolley rolls onto the live rail, then settles in its’ “dipped center.” This slight indentation in the rail settles the trolley into position allowing the operator to be assured of proper positioning. The operator will then reference the digital weight indicator that is interfaced to the monorail scale, entering the appropriate tare to determine the net carcass, or primal, weight ensuring a highly accurate single trolley weighment.

No. Multi-load cell monorails are designed with rail lengths that are longer that what you need, and use more load cell components that what you need to maintain. If your operation has the niche need to weigh easily and accurately, but only a single trolley at a time, this is the scale for you.

Yes. This monorail is compatible with all indicators.

NTEP is required when you are selling your product based on its weight.  Therefore all slaugherouse facilities & lockers require an NTEP scale when capturing weight.  NTEP is also required when transmitting a weight for creating a shipping label.

Static Monorail Installation

Technicians simply need to cut 18” from the existing rail system and bolt, or weld, the scale to the rail using rail hangers.

The Static Monorail Scale is sealed and designed for high accuracy in harsh operating environments. This unit the standard for meat rails.

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