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The SDS-700 (Scale Data System) is a compact full-featured color touchscreen with an NTEP-approved weight indicator built into the enclosure. The SDS-700 features a 7” NEMA 4X touchscreen display, powered by a robust controller. The indicator uses an embedded platform for easy navigation and industry standard connectivity.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compact enclosure with adjustable viewing angle
  • Front door CPU / indicator access
  • Watertight NEMA 4X stainless enclosure with 7” touchscreen
  • NTEP-Approved
  • Lockable internal maintenance access keeps equipment secure
  • Cable entry seal that allows entry without cable end removal
  • Internal audit trail & on-board manual

Got Weight?  The option of a NTEP approved weight indicator built right into the SDS with an approved metrological core eliminates the purchase of a separate weight indicator & enclosure. This simplifies the hardware solution.

Intrusive or Intuitive? Our Industrial SDS Computer Controllers help your plant increase functionality by allowing operators to easily interface with the system via a touchscreen human machine interface RELIABLY AND QUICKLY.

Thoughtful design features:

Water stays out! – The touchscreen HMIs are equipped with a front maintenance access door featuring a rain gutter and recessed seals. This gains maintenance access to the NEMA-4X rated and sealed touchscreen monitor and the industrial embedded computer controller.

Keeping life simple – We have also designed the cable/cord seal to permit entry without cable end removal.

High temps? No problem. – It can also function in 105-deg F ambient temperatures.

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