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Easy-to-Clean Conveyor Design Features

Vande Berg Scales Conveyors utilize many design features making them easy-to-clean and versatile.


  • Modular side rails of standard 10-foot long sections (not counting ends) allowing for expansion to desired lengths by simply adding spacers and bolting on additional 10-ft lengths.
  • The straight conveyor sides are 12-gauge with under <90 degree formed channel side rails designed to completely eliminate standing water on from flat surfaces.
  • Conveyor side rails have large openings for internal in place sanitation and inspection.
  • Tubeless sanitary design reduces pathogen growth vs. square tube design that function as a bacteria cave

Belting and Belt Guides:

  • Designed with Modular plastic belting to facilitate easy cleaning
  • Removable “L” shaped Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) belt guides on outer edges provided to prevent belt to frame contact.
  • Removable rectangular UHMW belt guides under the belt center (based on belt width) for additional belt support.
  • Notched stainless strap positioners hold support guides in place.
  • One inch round solid stainless shafts support UHMW belt guides as well as providing rigidity and sanitary design to conveyor frame.
  • UHMW belt guides are restrained from drive contact by stainless angle positioned to expel water.
  • Return rollers are mounted to a notched solid stainless shaft for easy removal and sanitary design practices.

Other Components:

  • Height adjustable feet allow for anchoring of conveyor to uneven and angled floors.
  • Spacer mounted between stand and conveyor frame assure sanitation.


  • Solid end shaft mounts coupled with easy belt lifter allow running of belt while cleaning.
  • Lift-able end shaft mounts do not allow running of belt while lifted but do allow easy belt slackening for removal. Removable tethered pins allow quick disassembly of take up for sanitation and maintenance.
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