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Rapidly sort product based on weight, grade, product type, visual characteristics, count, accumulated totals, barcode data into multiple bins, pack-off stations, conveyor lines/locations.

We can sort about anything – hams, loins, pork shoulder, ribs, cheese, packaged goods, manufactured parts.  If one of the differentiating characteristics is weight, we can sort it!

Our Sortation Systems can significantly reduce labor and improve sortation accuracy and efficiency. We can customize a classifier to your exact physical specifications and needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Significantly minimizes errors vs. doing manual sorting
  • Reduces sorting labor costs and frees up personnel to do other tasks
  • System construction such as stainless steel or aluminum is based on industry construction requirements/standards
  • NTEP Approved conveyor scale ensures accurate in-motion weighing for weight-sorting applications
  • Often used for sorting food product such as pork primals, beef steaks, dairy, cheese, etc.

Primary Components of Sortation/Classifying Systems

  • Infeed Conveyor to promote consistent spacing for the weighing process and/or allow manipulation by operators for grade determination
  • Conveyor Scale to weigh product for sort parameter determination
  • Sorting Conveyor to transport product to classification bins and divert locations
  • Diverts to sort product by mechanical means (i.e. pull/push/drop/tip/plow/air blow/shoe-sort, etc.)
  • Bins to collect product for eventual trimming, further processing, boxing, bag filling, etc.
  • Optional trimming scale work stations for further processing of product before boxing, bagging, case filling, etc.

Our Sorter Can:

  • Sort by distance-based encoding to assure divert accuracy vs. problematic timer-based classifying systems
  • Change the divert configuration while the system is sorting to allow maximum production flexibility
  • Show product totals by grade, count, weight and product type
  • Generate reports of current and total divert counts – allowing display with current and total divert accumulations
  • View digital inputs, communication inputs, input buffers, divert buffers, group values and divert status during operation for diagnostics

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Not sure what variables are important for specifying a sortation system?  No problem.  Just fill out our questionnaire!

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