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we love enclosuresWe love building enclosures…and here is the proof


How you can tell when someone is the best at their craft?

Answer. They take the time to do it right…really right. They put an obsessively large amount of time and dedication into their work. In other words, they put love into their work.

So what does this have to do with stainless steel enclosures?

Vande Berg Scales puts an incredible amount of dedication into every enclosure we build.

Here is just one of many examples.

Looking at the image below, would you guess this a single compartment enclosure or a dual compartment enclosure?

stainless enclosure

The image shows a side panel without any weld or bolt indications. It must be a single compartment enclosure, right?


It is a dual compartment enclosure.

Here is how we do it.

We put an internal frame supporting the middle shelf with 4 legs going to the bottom of the enclosure. See image below.

stainless enclosure_interior

This internal frame keeps the stainless steel panel free of weld indentations, burn marks and bolts.

So how would other companies do it?

Other companies might simply weld the 2nd shelf to the frame since that is the easiest. However, this significantly reduces the aesthetic appeal of the enclosure.

We consider every enclosure we build a work of art.

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