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transition rail benefitsTransition Rail Benefits for In-Motion (Dynamic) Weighing


Below is why our High Accuracy In-Motion Monorail scale gives you more capacity, faster chain speeds, AND the smallest division size available! This amazing performance is made possible by the transition rail.

When the live section of a typical in-motion monorail scale is shock-loaded, vibration is sent through the entire scale system, which reduces the number of desired in-motion weights. See image below.


To visualize this phenomenon think of what happens when you first jump onto a trampoline. Your weight will shock-load the trampoline and the resulting oscillation requires time to settle down.

That is essentially what happens when a trolley suddenly rolls from a dead rail directly onto the live section of a scale. Although it is not visible to the human eye, the trolley wheel “bounces” as it rolls along the live rail, sending an oscillating signal to the weight indicator.

All that vibration greatly shortens the available weighment averaging time and also increases the amount of filtering required to give an accurate weight reading.

VBS has revolutionized dynamic monorail weighing.

Our transition rail eliminates most of that loading vibration, greatly increasing the amount of space available for weighment averaging with minimal filtering. See image below.

Less filtering and more averaging time results in faster chain speeds (up to 2,150 drafts per hour) and more precision (0.2 lb increments compared to 0.5 lb for most competitors’ systems).


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Download our PDF

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