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When do I need a shackle scale vs. an in-motion monorail scale?

A shackle scale is required when you need to suspend the entire animal carcass by one leg. The shackle scale is built heavy duty and has the capacity to handle very large animals.  The in-motion monorail scale cannot weigh entire beef carcasses on a single shackle.

VBS is the leader in providing the highest accuracy in-motion beef shackle carcass weighing. Yield data now dictates knowledge of just-dead weight in comparison to hot-weight for accurate supplier yield traceability.

Features and Benefits:

  • Maintains excellent accuracy even in abusive environments
  • Extreme rugged construction ensures long life even through the rigors of shackle operations
  • Accommodates up to a 4,500-lb on live rail at one time
  • Transition rail assures gradual, even loading of live rail while in motion
  • Powered chain in part of the live weighing structure
  • Shackles are propelled clear of plant push-dog chain during the weighment cycle

Innovative Design Features:

The unique automatic conveying mechanism cancels out the effect that bad shackles and push dog contact with shackles have on the scale. The automatic conveyor mounts to the live end of the load cell blocks and is part of the scale’s live section. Upon arrival of a shackle, the conveyor automatically engages and advances the shackle away from the push dog.

When the shackle is completely on the live section of the scale, a photo eye is activated and the weighment cycle is started. The weighment cycle ends when a second photo eye is activated just before the shackle leaves the live section of the scale. The rail design of the scale features a VBS, Inc. transition rail that gradually transfers highly concentrated shackle weight to the live rail thereby canceling out the undesirable spring oscillations inherent in other in-motion monorail designs.

Heavy Duty Shackle Scale

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