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RF Tracking ProblemsProblems with Radio Frequency Trolley Tracking


Radio Frequency (RF) trolley tracking is a good technology, but there are potential issues with its implementation. Here are 5.

  1. What stray frequencies do you have in your plant? A test will need to be done in the plant to find and record what stray frequencies you currently have. Chain drives, lights, any bearings and even hydraulic lines all emit a frequency. You will need to find a frequency level that will not interfere with your system.
  2. If you plan to write to a chip and one of your stations goes down for a short period of time, that information is lost and not able to be recaptured.
  3. RF transponder failures can be a problem. The failure rate on a passive chip is about 20% after an 18 month period.
  4. Even if you have a frequency that does not exist in your plant, outside interference can still be a problem. CB radio’s, trains and cell phone towers have all been found to be the cause of interference to RF systems.
  5. Transponders attached to the trolleys have a tendency to get knocked off. Think about the handling of your trolleys; they get quite a bit of abuse. Will the attachment stay on your strap?