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History of Weighing Scales

A brief overview from 2400 BC to 2015 AD

2400 BC – Earliest known evidence for use of weighing scales in the Indus River valley (modern day Pakistan)

1878 BC – Earliest known center-beam scales used by Egyptians

400 BC – First known use of bismar (unequal arm) scales

1170 AD – Richard Salter of England creates the first spring scale. This type of scale is much less prone to sabotage, vs. a balance scale, since it is difficult to adjust the inherent recoil properties of the spring.

1843 AD – Sir Charles Wheatstone develops the “wheatstone bridge”. This is the heart of all modern load-cell based scales

1938 AD – The bonded resistance strain gauge (used inside load cells) was commercially developed

Today – Virtually any shape load cell is available to accomodate customer needs

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