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6 Types of Diverts Used for Sortation and Checkweighing

Linear Thrust Divert

Linear Thrust Divert

Linear Thrust Divert

Linear Thrust Divert: This is the most common type of divert. An air cylinder pushes a piston out which forces product off the belt. It combines simplicity, ease of use, speed and reliability to enhance performance while keeping maintenance minimal.

Gate/Swing Arm Divert


Swing-arm Divert

Gate/Swing Arm Divert: This divert will swing out onto the belt. The divert will push the product off the belt. This divert works well for small to large, heavier product (i.e. ribs, hams, bellies, cheese). The divert can be configured to swing out before the arrival of the product providing a plow-off effect or can be configured to impact having a pushing effect.

Overhead Mounted Gate/Swing Arm Divert

Overhead Gate Diverts

Overhead Mounted Guided Cylinder

Overhead Mounted Guided Cylinder: An air cylinder is connected to the frame and opposite end of a pivoting arm.  The cylinder fills or empties its air reservoir, which causes the divert to accept or deflect product, respectively.

Drop-Down Divert


Drop-Down Divert

Drop-Down Divert: This divert will lower the product onto another conveyor or holding bin/combo. The divert will quickly rise permitting acceptable product to continue to the next station. This type works well for sticky product (i.e. pork bellies, bacon)

Air Blow Divert


Air Comb/Blow Divert will blow light or thin packages off conveyor

Air-Blow Divert: This device will blow product off the belt. Works well for very light product. Air comb can be rotated for tall, thin product such as an empty plastic bottle.

Pop-Up Divert

Loin sortation system with pop-up conveyor diverts

Pop-up Diverts permit product to fall into combos.

Pop-Up Divert: Used for extremely wide product such as pork loins. They also have uses when product is very stickey thus being difficult to separate from the belt.

See our YouTube video about diverts.

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