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As a slaughter plant manager, you need a scale that gives you the most accurate carcass reading possible and you don’t need it failing you.

In the slaughter industry, Vande Berg Scales’ WeighMore® heavy duty in-motion shackle scale scales have long been recognized as delivering the highest accuracy possible for carcass weights. We deliver whole carcass weights you can trust.

Vande Berg Scales has been building heavy duty in-motion shackle monorail scales since 1988.

WeighMore® heavy duty shackle scales are designed specifically to weigh whole carcasses. They are rugged and built for your slaughter plant’s every day use.

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Heavy Duty In-Motion Shackle Scale – Rear View

Accurate monorail scales save you money. A certified monorail scale will make you money with accurate and reliable carcass weight.

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