Washdown Industrial Controller – 17-in Touchscreen – NTEP Certified

Washdown Industrial Controller (SDS-1700) One platform…nearly limitless applications https://youtu.be/MF4yyjdX1BA Download PDF Brochure The Touchscreen HMI is completely customizable to virtually any application and user need. The capabilities are virtually limitless. The NEMA-4X stainless steel enclosure ensures the internals stay dry even in rough washdown environments. Industrial HMI touchscreen for checkweigher showing scale indicator and historical weighment ranges. Thoughtful Design Features: Water stays out! – The touchscreen HMIs are equipped with a front maintenance access door featuring a rain gutter and recessed seals. This gains maintenance access to the NEMA-4X rated and sealed touchscreen monitor, optional internal mounted UPS, and the industrial embedded computer controller. Keeping life simple – We have also designed the cable/cord seal to permit entry without cable end removal. High temps? No problem. – It can also function in 105-deg F ambient temperatures. You don’t want an industrial computer, you want the process functionality! You want it 1) to boot up fast, 2) to … Continue reading Washdown Industrial Controller – 17-in Touchscreen – NTEP Certified