Automatic Box Weigh Labeling

Primary Components for Automatic Box Weigh Labeling Machine Optional Conveyor with angled roller belting to index boxes to one side Indexer to properly space boxes Optional Preidentification Scanner to automatically identify product entering the system In-motion conveyor scale to determine box weight Conveyor to transport boxes past printer applicator Printer applicator to print barcode and weight and apply onto box Barcode Verification Scanner to ensure barcode is readable Divert Mechanism to reject boxes that do not meet customer criteria How It Works: Chaotically spaced product is automatically spaced to the appropriate start-of-product to start-of-product parameters for the weighing system by the indexing conveyor.  The indexing conveyor accomplishes this task by accumulating product and releasing an individual product one at a time. If product flow to the labeling system is chaotic by product, a preidentification scanner is used to read a product identification barcode that has been previously attached to the product. … Continue reading Automatic Box Weigh Labeling