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High Accuracy Stainless Steel Static Monorail Scales

 Static Monorail Scales used for purchasing or selling product based on weight

Vande Berg Scales has been building static monorail scales since 1988, we build them better, because we care! Here is a static monorail scale that is NTEP and Measurement Canada certified that will give you highly accurate and reliable carcass weights and pass Packers and Stockyards requirements.

This is a cost effective monorail scale that can be easily installed directly into your rail system. We have thoroughly tested this static monorail scale to be durable and stand up to the harsh environment you subject it to.

Accurate monorail scales save you money. A certified monorail scale will make you money on acurate and reliable carcass weight.

Contact us today and get started saving money!

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Static Monorail Scale Brochure

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