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Weighing – Static

Product Line Features:

  • Non-food and food grade design
  • Easily interface with central network
  • Quick responding
  • Washdown compatibility

Mobile Manual Box Labeler with Roll-out Printer, Touchscreen HMI Interface and ScaleManual Box Weigh Labeling

Manual Box Weigh Labeler combines several elements (scale, controller, printer and HMI interface) onto an optional frame that enables either mobile or stationary use.


static checkweigher

Static Checkweighers

Ensure your random weight checks are accurate. Our units are quick responding and provide excellent repeatability.



stainless steel static monorail scaleStatic Monorail Scale

Ideal for quickly verifying carcass weight. NTEP certified and dipped center ensuring a highly accurate weight assessment.



monorail scaleMulti-Cell Monorail Scale

The Stainless Steel Multi-Cell Static Monorail Scale features 5,000 divisions with 1,000 lb to 4,000 lb capacities and gives you high accuracy every time.