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Trolley Sorting Monorail Scales

You need to be assured of accuracy when tracking your trolley tare weights.

A Vande Berg Scales WeighMore® Trolley Sorting Monorail Scale is designed to comply with regulatory inspection and give you the accuracy and reliability your plant needs.

This trolley sorting scale is designed to be positioned immediately after the departure of the trolley from the transport “J” hook in your plant’s trolley return mezzanine.

Stop manually pulling trolley tare weights, contact us today and get started saving money!


  • Single load cell design (no summing J-Box)
  • Exceptionally high accuracy
  • Finger-style dog chain controlling the roll of the trolley while on scale area
  • Stainless steel enclosed indication and control
  • Ability to enter values for high weight and low weight for ejection


  • Eliminates the need to manually gather trolley tare weights
  • Saves labor of transferring trolleys to floor or bench scale
  • Accurate sorting of trolley tare weights
  • Saves time and labor by automatically separating passed and failed trolleys

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Trolley Sorting Monorail Brochure

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