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Touchscreen Carcass Grading Software

Attain Higher Grade Quality, Better Yields & Maximized Profits

Touchscreen Carcass Grading Software provides tangible quality control data for higher grades and better yields to maximize your profits.  Our software is easy to use and takes minimal setup time.

touch screen_beef touch screen_lamb touch screen_pork

To maximize profits, you must put a high priority on carcass quality and carcass classification. Vande Berg Scales designs a top quality Touchscreen Carcass Grading Software that helps you find nickles and pennies.  We can also train your production personnel thereby ensuring you are using the software to its full potential.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy integration with other programs for data collection
  • Customizable report generation
  • Compatible with any kill speed
  • Up to 20 cut selections
  • Limited training requirements with no language barrier
  • Data transmitted via RS-232
  • SDS-TS-5000-15-HMI washdown enclosure option available
carcass grading using a touchscreen HMI

Operator grading carcasses using a Touchscreen HMI


Additional Carcass Grading Software Benefits:

  • Documents Premium Payout disqualifiers
  • Helps Track Supplier Quality
  • Sort like carcasses in Cut Cooler for greater efficiencies
Carcass Grading Brochure

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