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WeighMore® In-Motion Three Conveyor Flow Scales

Flow scales that continually weigh your bulk products and eliminate personnel that manually stage, statically weigh, or babysit your bulk production lines.

Utilize a WeighMore® in-motion three conveyor flow scale and eliminate wasted labor and resources on your bulk product production lines.

  • This in-motion flow scale will allow you to efficiently use your plant personnel by:
  • Eliminating your manual staging or static weighing stations
  • Reducing the handling of bulk products
  • Moving plant personnel where they may be more needed WeighMore® In-Motion Three Conveyor Flow Scales are the perfect answer for production lines where the continual weighing of bulk product is needed such as:
    • Bulk material handling
    • Food products
    • Meat trim, ground beef, ribs, loins, bellies, etc.
3-conveyor flow scale

3-conveyor flow scale

Conveyor Flow Scale Brochure

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