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Stainless Steel Static Checkweighers


Your customers expect you to deliver quality products 100% of the time, so letting out-of-weight products through your processes is unacceptable. How do you ensure that your products meet the standards?

Our Static Checkweigher scales are your best option. They deliver you the best in accuracy and reliability in order to assure that your weights and counts are meeting your customer’s demanding needs.



static checkweigher

Static Checkweigher

Static Checkweigher Scales are designed to be the best in the business. We have put them through the demanding NTEP approval process in order to qualify them as legal-for-trade scales. This not only assures you that your weighments and counts are accurate, but that they meet government regulations on weights and measurements.

Show us how you checkweigh your product now, and we will show you how our checkweighers can do it better. We design a variety of checkweighers to match specific industry needs. Multiple lanes, conveyor sizes, and belting options are available to conform to process needs.

Standard Scale Brochure

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