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Stainless Steel Stands

Promote Better Working Conditions

Vande Berg Scales’ stainless steel stands enable you to keep your equipment at ergonomic working levels promoting a healthier work environment that helps keep your production personnel on the job. Keeping equipment like pc terminals, keyboards, printers, labeling machines, and barcode scanners on stainless steel stands and off of the floor or countertops helps maximize production floor work space.

A Vande Berg Scales engineer will work with you to design a space-saving work environment for your PC Terminals, labeling equipment, or other HMI work stations. Not only will they design an ergonomic work area for you, but also give you ideas on how to protect your sensitive equipment from your plant’s harsh environment.

stainless steel enclosure with window

Stainless Steel Stand with see-through Window

Stainless Steel Enclosure Brochure

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