Sortation Systems: 3 Problems – 3 Solutions

Sortation Systems: 3 Common Problems, 3 Innovative Solutions     Automated sorting and classifying systems have increased the productivity of many food plants and reduced the number of repetitive motion injuries of workers. However, their complexity can lead to occasional issues. When problems occur, they are often in the following 3 areas: Timing issues resulting in sorting errors Computer network failures Personnel resistance to new equipment implementation Timing Issues: A sorting/classifier system needs to capture the weight of the item to be sorted and determine which bin, tote, box, or chute that item should be sent to. Sortation systems that depend on a preset amount of time to activate the proper divert are vulnerable to sorting errors due to timing issues. Sudden fluctuations in electrical power can cause considerable problems with sortation system timing. Solution:  Our approach is distance-based divert activation rather than time-based activation. By directly interfacing to conveyor movement and positively … Continue reading Sortation Systems: 3 Problems – 3 Solutions