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Smokehouse Trolley Tracking Systems

Trolley Vision® for Smokehouse Applications

You need to know what is going on in your smokehouse operations. You don’t need over or under-cooked product coming out.

A Vande Berg Scales’ Smokehouse Trolley Tracking System can give you accurate yield, weight, and moisture variances for your smokehouse processes. Reliable and detailed reports can be generated for specific regions in your smokehouse.

Accurate reporting of yield verification, moisture detection, and weight variances are only some of the ways our Smokehouse Trolley Tracking System can save your operation’s money.

As each smoked product passes by the reader a reading is taken automatically. This is the fed into the Industrial HMI controller for tracking and identification.

Trolley Vision® is built to handle tough packing house conditions. It is simple to operate and very reliable. Trolley Vision® has been used in over 25 plants internationally. With many years of development and fine tuning, we are ready to help you get the carcass tracking system you need!

A durable and dependable tracking system that stands up in harsh environments is another way to save money.

Trolley Vision Brochure

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