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Net-Weight Filler Scale Systems

Filling Product Prior to Entering the Packaging and Sealing System

net weight fillersAfter observing processors manually filling and weighing toppings such as sliced or ground product, we knew there had to be a more cost-efficient way. Vande Berg Scales’ automated filling hopper scale system is that solution.

This Net-Weight Filler system is designed to eliminate the cost of having personnel manually fill and weigh packages prior to them entering a sealing system.

An easy-to-clean™ conveyor takes product from a slicer, grinder, or mixer, and moves it to a bottom garner and hopper scale system that can be designed to allow you to accurately weigh and fill from one to four packages at a time. For convenience, this automated filling hopper scale system is designed for quick disassembly and reassembly for thorough cleaning.

Advantages of a Vande Berg Scales Net-Weight Filler Scale System:

  • Less product handling, less chance of contamination
  • Fully automated filling and weighing of pouches, fewer mistakes, less labor costs
  • Easy to clean, cost savings on labor and cleaning materials
  • Easy to use control panel for adjusting different weights


net weight filler

Net Weight Filler

automated filling machines_03

Automated Filling Machine

Download our PDF Brochure

Download our PDF Brochure