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Our pork belly hold-down conveyor ensures the pork bellies stay flat and in one place for rib removal by personnel.

Features and Benefits

  • Bellies are automatically pressed against a belt and held tightly so personnel can efficiently remove the ribs
  • Stationary bellies permit more accurate rib removal with adequate amount of meat
  • Cutout rib sections are more consistent since trimmers don’t have to worry about a sliding belly
  • Easy-to-Clean conveyor minimizes washdown time and ensures a thoroughly clean conveyor

How it works:

The hold-down conveyor consists of a conveyor and roller chain assembly with hold-down dogs.  The conveyor and roller chain assembly run as the same speeds. The pork belly is laid on the conveyor with the ham side near the hold-down dogs. The hold-down dogs pinch the belly on one end which permits very little belly movement. The workers can now easily remove the ribs from the belly with a boning knife. As the belly advances towards the end of the conveyor, the dogs lift up permitting the belly to be transferred to the next processing station.


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