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Offal refers to variety meats that are often internal organs, unusual cuts and entrails of butchered animals. Vande Berg Scales has decades of experience with labeling offal from beef, pork and poultry plants. We offer weigh labeling flexibility and complete weigh label station customization.

What exactly is offal? See a comprehensive list below.

  • entrails (intestines)
  • brains
  • head
  • tongue
  • liver
  • heart
  • bladder
  • stomach (honeycomb tripe)
  • lungs
  • esophagus
  • cheek meat
  • oxtails
  • pork feet

Why flexibility is important in Offal Manual Box Labeling

The offal handling is often a smaller operation in most plants, and with so many different destinations and products, it is often easier to manually weigh and label the boxes. This lets you be very specific with each box of offal that you handle.

Manual Printing Brochure

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