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WeighMore® Monorail Scales

We set the standard for In-Motion Monorail Scales or Static Monorail Scales

Vande Berg Scales has certified our monorail scales legal-for-trade, NTEP, and Measurements Canada so you need not worry about complying with Packers & Stockyards requirements.

We offer the most types of overhead monorail scales.  Whether you process beef, pork, lamb, turkey or chicken we have a system for you.

In-Motion Overhead Weighing Equipment

high accuracy monorail scale shackle scales poultry monorail trolley sorting monorail hide monorail scales

Static Overhead Weighing Equipment

Static Monorail Scale Multi-Cell Monorail Scales

Why purchase a Vande Berg Scales monorail scale? Because we have been doing it for decades and we know how to build them to last.  In addition, we stand behind them!

We certify and test them before they leave our shop. We offer maintenance agreements and 24-hour service and repair in order to keep your plant up and running with little interruption or downtime.

High Accuracy Monorail Scale Brochure

Download our PDF Brochure


Download our PDF Brochure

Download our PDF Brochure