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How can a merging conveyor help me?

Simply put, a merging conveyor can easily replace a person that is assigned to align multiple rows of products into a single lane. This often results in a very fast payback. Merging conveyors are vital for downline processes that require product to be in a single-file line such as scanners, labelers, checkweighers, classifiers, graders, diverts and more.

Merging Conveyors combine multiple lanes of product into a single lane. Our units can handle large boxes through small packaged product. They can save significant labor and ensure a consistently aligned, singulated and spaced product.

Features and Benefits:

  • Properly merging lines can reduce product pile-ups thereby reducing product damage
  • Presents products in a consistent manner for downline processes such as labeling or in-motion weighing
  • Photoeyes can permit a merger to act as a traffic cop so products are singulated without interference
  • Reduce manual labor associated with singulating product

Merging Conveyor Features:

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