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Lamb & Veal Touchscreen Carcass Grading Systems

For Better Carcass Quality & Carcass Classification Readings

carcass gradingTouchscreen Carcass Grading Systems are easy-to-use quality control system that gives you the data you need for higher grading for carcass, better yields, and maximized profits.

Vande Berg Scales’ Touchscreen Carcass Grading Systems put a high priority on carcass quality and carcass classification and we work with your production personnel to properly train them so you are equipped with the best grading equipment available.

Vande Berg Scales’ Lamb & Veal Touchscreen Carcass Grading Systems is key to a successful beef processing operation. We supply you with all the elements you need to maximize your yields and deliver higher profits.

Carcass Grading

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