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Our checkeweigher is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA Configurable-Design-Icon

Additional Features:

  • Desktop enclosure
  • Easy-to-use pull down menus
  • Color touchscreen option available
  • Interfaces with dual scales for in/out weighing functionality
  • User-definable ownership splits


The Grain Scale Partner System (GSP) is a complete package for grain elevators to eliminate errors and increase efficiency. The total package includes a desktop controller, touchscreen color monitor, keyboard, mouse and GSP programming.

Features and Benefits:

  • Commodity Identification & Conversion
  • 100 in-process transactions
  • Automatic calculation of Foreign Material & Moisture Dockage
  • User-defined Category Reports
  • Automatic Available Channel Selection
  • On-screen preview of scale ticket

Grain Scale Software Applications:

The system has simple functions to utilize the following capabilities:

Commodity Identification – commodity identification and adjustment of conversion factors

Commodity Conversion – based on weight per bushel by commodity. There are 100 channels of memory for storage of net weight information in Gross/Tare/Net calculation.

Automatic Available Channel Selection – speeds operation in the “First” or “In” weighment function by showing the operator which channels are available.

Foreign Material & Moisture Dockage – allows for automatic calculation of foreign material & moisture dockage based on operator entered values.

Operator Verification – done with an on-screen ticket preview before printing actual scale ticket.

Category Reports – user defined for running specialized reports such as stored bushels, contract sales, daily totals, and cash transactions.

Printer Tickets – formattable to match a customer’s current scale ticket.

Grain Scale Software Brochure

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