Fixed Weight vs. Catch Weight Labeling

Fixed Weight Labeling vs. Catch Weight Labeling   Fixed weight labeling is any labeling process where the label weight is specified before the product even crosses the conveyor scale. The company specifies their weight and the conveyor scale takes a reading to determine if that product is in an appropriate range. If so, it is given a label and sent off to distribution. If not, it can be diverted to a different location. The ranges can be easily adjusted so that you can fine-tune the amount of product coming through. The system can also track how much is rejected and how much is heading off for distribution. Each type of product shares the same exact label for product uniformity. The system is capable of handling different products with a pre-identification label, or “license plate”, but the weight per product type will be the same. While less specific than catch weight, fixed weight labeling systems … Continue reading Fixed Weight vs. Catch Weight Labeling