10 Environmental Effects on Checkweigher Accuracy

10 Environmental Effects on Checkweigher Accuracy Even the best checkweighers can give erroneous weights if these factors aren’t considered. Here are 10 environmental factors that can affect your checkweigher accuracy. Product Accumulation – Accumulating product (i.e. cheese, tiny meat scraps, water, cardboard box residue) can cause your checkweigher to zero-shift over time. This can result in an under-filled package being considered acceptable. Daily wash or wipe-down procedures and periodic zero checks can greatly reduce accumulation effects. Corrosion – Corrosive environments can cause wear and issues on all parts of the checkweigher. Purchasing a stainless steel checkweigher can minimize long term issues. Air Movement/Drafts  – Drafts from fans, AC/heating systems, traffic near the scale and open doors can affect the scale platform causing false weight. Draft shields can significantly reduce these effects. Moisture/Washdown – For washdown environments, ensure all water is off the scale before it is zeroed and operated.  Standing water on the scale frame at the beginning of … Continue reading 10 Environmental Effects on Checkweigher Accuracy