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So what is wrong with a plastic / Lexan® / Plexiglas / Fiberglass enclosure?

The highly loaded hinges invariably crack and break the enclosure at the attachment point. This allows the environment to penetrate the enclosure.  Repetitive purchasing of lesser quality and replacement of damaged internal components often cost more than our stainless steel products.  Give me a dented enclosure over a cracked enclosure any day.

Prevent water from damaging your monitors with our stainless steel washdown-rated enclosures. Reduce down time by keeping your Human Machine Interface (HMI) touchscreen monitors dry and running smoothly.

Features and Benefits:

  • Continuous TIG welded construction of polished 304 stainless steel assures a corrosion resistant finish giving you decades of protection.
  • NEMA-4X rating ensures resistance to your tough environment
  • Wash-down, rain gutter style door seal keeps direct washdown spray from impacting the seal
  • Single ½-turn easy to operate quick-open latch allows virtually effortless access
  • Top of cabinet has a sloped top so water runs off
  • Hinged door allows door to swing nearly 270º

Touchscreen/HMI Enclosure Options:

  • Top, Bottom, Left or Right side hinges
  • Key locking door handle keeps unauthorized personnel out
  • Can be mounted on stainless steel carts or stands
  • Stainless steel shelves and dividers available

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