Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems VBS fabricates the most durable and washdown friendly conveyor systems used in slaughterhouse and food processing facilities.  We also have non-washdown conveyor systems for warehouse and logistics applications.  Check out all the possibilities below! Food Grade Conveyors Food Grade (Easy-to-Clean) Transport Conveyors These conveyors are ideal for food processing plants and are rated for direct food contact. They incorporate innovative design features enabling your washdown crew to easily clean the conveyor.   Singulating Conveyors These conveyors can singulate multiple lanes of food product into a single file line for scanning, checkweighing, labeling or metal detection.     Merging/Converging Conveyors Take multiple lanes of product and direct them to the center, left or right side of the belt.     Incline Conveyors Move your food product up or down to the next process. Choose from several styles which implement Easy-to-Clean design and construction techniques.   Sanitary Gravity Roller Conveyors Gravity roller … Continue reading Conveyor Systems