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WeighMore® Conveyor Flow Scales

Weighing conveyor scales that save money

WeighMore® single conveyor flow scales are designed to eliminate the need to manually static weigh accumulated product totals.

A flow scale is designed to accumulate weighment data on bulk materials.  The conveyor flow scale operates continuously as material flows across the conveyor. It simply grabs the weight on the scale at specified points of belt movement.

The flow scale is customized and manufactured according to the type of product, the flow speed of the product, and of course the environment in which it’s to be utilized

Flow scales are designed to free up resources and move plant personnel where they can better serve you. These single conveyor flow scales are ideal for unattended applications.

Flow Scales are used for accumulating weight totals without having personnel continually handle product reducing the chance of contamination.  They provide real-time weighments showing you total weight of product moving across a line or process.

single conveyor flow scale

Conveyor Flow Scale with Indicator


Download our PDF Brochure

Download our PDF Brochure

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